Class JustTestLahConfiguration

  • @Component
    public class JustTestLahConfiguration
    extends Object
    Main configuration class for JustTestLah!.
    • Constructor Detail

      • JustTestLahConfiguration

        public JustTestLahConfiguration​(WebDriverBuilder webDriverBuilder)
    • Method Detail

      • initWebDriver

        public void initWebDriver()
        Set the correct WebDriver.
      • getBaseUrl

        public String getBaseUrl()
        Gets the base URL of the application under test.
        the base URL of the application under test
      • getPlatform

        public Platform getPlatform()
        Get the platform to test against.
        the platform to test against
      • getApplicationName

        public String getApplicationName()
      • getFeaturesPath

        public String getFeaturesPath()
      • isEyesEnabled

        public boolean isEyesEnabled()
      • isGalenEnabled

        public boolean isGalenEnabled()
      • isOpenCvEnabled

        public boolean isOpenCvEnabled()
      • getGalenReportDirectory

        public String getGalenReportDirectory()
      • getApplicationInfo

        public String getApplicationInfo()
        application info String